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    Support Ticket Software & Online Server Monitoring

    I've been researching support ticket software for my site, have looked at loads and thought I'd ask for peoples recommendations before taking the plunge.


    1) Can be hosted on Windows server so ASP, .NET or PHP
    2) Either MySQL or MS SQL backend, preferably MySQL
    3) Automatically recieve emails and convert into tickets
    4) Good template engine so can customise look and feel or at least integrate into my sites existing structure
    5) FAQ & Knowledge base would also be nice to haves
    6) Notification by email and possibly SMS
    7) Escalation rules so can manage who gets notified of different types of submissions

    Am prepared to pay for the right product although obviously don't want to pay the earth. Any recommendations for support ticket software?

    I'm also looking for a good online server monitoring service to automatically notify me if my clients sites go down. Notification by email or SMS, although can could get SMS elsewhere.

    Any recommendations for online server monitors and/or email to SMS providers?



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    Hello Giles,

    The combination we use is the Cerebrus helpdesk and IPCheck monitoring.

    They have worked quite well for us.

    Cerebrus is php/mysql - but, never tried to run it on a windows box (though cannot see why it would be an issue)

    IPCheck has been an outstanding product for us. Monitors pretty much every service imaginable and pretty easy to create custom monitors as well.

    Hope this helps...

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    I think Kayako is still by far tops for what it is able to do. Have you considered runing the monitor program on your server / different from the clients of course. If so - you could try some of the free ones like Nagios or purchase one like Hybodus.

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    Kayako, for support y tickets

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    It's been discussed to death many times before :p

    your precise requirements afaiui aren't met by one single product, but there are ways of linking various to do what you need.

    mostly choice of ticket system boils down to preference and cost.
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    you can opt kayako, it has many features and works pretty good.

    ipmonitor( for monitoring
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    Thread moved to Hosting Software and Control Panels.

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    WHMCS can provide BOTh server monitoring AND support ticket systems. Not only this, but it will do one better and serve as a BILLING client.
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    intellodesk is quite nice to run

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    Another one is which will provide you with helpdesk and a basic port monitoring service of your server.

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