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    DirectAdmin/PHP5 resellers ?

    Hi guys.

    I am currently looking for <recommendations> ... we would have a market maybe for directadmin and php5 customer. Any of you would know some solid reputed resellers that offer these kind of services ?

    I tried the custom quote, havent got any DA resellers so far

    Would be looking around something like 5 gig disk / 50-60gig bandwith / 30$ (if it can scale up to 15/20 gig disk it'd be great ! )

    The php5 is kinda important, php4/5 is still fair enough.

    Any thoughts ?
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    I am not sure they have php5 or not, but you can contact Hung at I had a DirectAdmin account with them before I upgrade to my server (I rent from them as well). The network, hardware and support is great
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    Any decent host, running 64 bit machines, will have PHP 5.
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    Where have you tried to custom quote? As HN-mike has stated, php5 is starting to become available. In additon, your budget is perfectly fine for what you're asking for -- especially given the affordable licensing scheme of directadmin.

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    I tried the custom quote of WHT asking for this.

    Got a reply from HostGator (well heh ... where is the DA in this ? )

    Got another reply from another host which didnt had PHP5 nor DA ... another from CIHost (which the reply .... erm ... unprofessional) .... maybe I should try once again.

    I has in mind ResellerZoom, but they only have cPanel servers.

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    We offer php5 and directadmin reseller accounts.

    We are Australian based but offer some services in the USA
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    Have you looked for a vps? Directadmin resource usage is very low, so it can be installed in any vps with 128/128+ MB of ram and you can choose to install PHP4, PHP5 or both

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    VPS is interesting, but something that is the problem in this is that we are not yet prepared to administer a dedicated server / VPS we haven't got the knowledge. It is my plan to learn this out within this year, but as of my current knowledge I wouldnt be able to manage it.

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    Manage a VPS with a control panel is more simple than people think.
    Directadmin will install and configure all software you need:
    Named; Apache; PHP; Exim; Dovecot; MySQL; Proftpd; etc
    [If you buy a vps with directadmin license it should be installed by vps provider]

    There are also a lot of how-tos to custom directadmin setup in DA forum.

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