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    Query About Joining To Sales Or Support Department ?

    Hello Everybody,

    My first post

    I am not familiar whether the thread I am posting is in the right place, if no, please assist me to move it in its right place. Thank you.

    I have a question about which department is good to start with a career in web hosting company. A sales or support dept.? Last but not least which dept. has a good earnings as well as future ;) ?

    Waiting for quick responses as I have to join with a company. Suggestions are most welcome :)


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    it depends on you, if you are techy and geeky, then tech support; if you are good at salling and if you have people skils, then sales support. Both of them have future

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    it is depends in the abilities your.
    if you matronly practical then advisable to go to the department support if you matronly because he has fitness persuasion good then you will be able to do the dry up from sales.

    i think that today people do more money from backing technical confirmative from sales.

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