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    so what do you think?

    hello, Im new here! Signed up when i saw the great community around here...

    Well any opinions on my site?

    Yeah im still stuck with ftp and dreamweaver but hey a 15yr old doesnt have too much time.. It'll be a lot better when I start learning about all this php goodness during the summer..


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    Nice splash page. I like that pretty small piece of flash.

    HTML Site: You got a neat use of HTML. Nice clean page and its pretty suited.

    Flash Site: Its alright.. uh... joking, its awesome. Your flash set is pretty dam cool. Its just got a pretty neat unique feeling to it. I like your links froms he arrows. Very class.

    Overal, 9/10.

    BTW, do you do flash orders? I may considering looking to purchase some flash. I'd appresiate if you sent me some samples of your work and some price quotes if your up to doing some work.

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    Very nice!

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    yes, very nice!
    "Last year, some resourceful software enthusiasts cracked Sony Music's proprietary technology simply by scribbling around the edges of the disc with a Magic Marker pen, thus enabling playback on any device." -

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    Wow! Nice site. I like the flash website a lot. Very original with the flowers. The HTML site is great too. Good Job.

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    your design is very nice indeed and very original........
    I think your design has a lot of potential......

    If you just incorporate some more usability elements throughout, then you will be well on your way.........but you are only 15, so plenty of time to learn.......

    cheers and good luck

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