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    Domain pointing to somewhere else?

    I have been a long time reader of the forums here but this is the first time I have ever had to make a post. I have a domain I registered in 2002 - I didnt start to actively use it until Nov. of 2005. I have it registered till 2007.

    I primarily use the site for personal purposes and just have a webtemplate on the index that hasnt been edited for my site. I mainly use it for storing files. Last night was the last night I was on it and it resovled perfect to my host's ( nameservers they gave me due to it being on a reseller account. This morning at work and at home (two different isps) I am getting pages not found. I immediately went and check my control panel at my host and all the files are there, no modifications. I even went so far as to check the code under the index page to make sure I hadn't had malisicous code inserted and found none. The site is going to www2 . sasara. org - some page that links back to www . ace - discuss . org . uk /

    I checked where I have my domain registered at (godaddy) and nothing is wrong with it there. I even did a whois on it at whois . sc to see what the info says. All the information on there is to me.

    I don't know who to contact over this - Do I contact Nexcess or do I contact GoDaddy???????? And how in the world can someone register a www2 domain and it "hijack" my normal www domain????

    I am at such a loss >< Help Please?


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    contact your webhost about this.

    it looks like that other site is the one that resolves on the IP

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    Thank you CD Burnt for givng me an idea of whats going on and which I should contact.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CD Burnt
    And this is what came up for that IP:

    IP Location:
    (US) United States,

    42.4981 LATITUDE and -83.2058 LONGITUDE
    Map This Location

    Connecting to the Internet through:
    Sago Networks

    NEXCESS.NET Web Hosting

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    Found out what exactly happened..somewhat. I forgot about the email they had sent out a few weeks ago alerting their customers that they would be moving sites to new servers.

    When they moved them over last night 2 of the 3 where moved with no issues. Apparently the one,, had a config issue that was corrected.

    The support guys at Nexcess were very fast in replying back to me. Just have to wait a few hours for the DNS to update and I should have my domain going to the correct web content.

    Thanks for the help!

    *edited for typo*

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