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    Need Hosting. Not Sure What I Need.

    Hey! I'm new to the forums and wanted to start off by introducing my self! Hi, I'm Neil! and asking a question about my new hosting needs.

    I have a few sites on normal shared hosting over at and since i'm launching a new site that needs some features BlueHost doesn't offer I've come to ask some advice on my next host and type of service!

    Some information on helping me decide what to get:
    1 - I NEED Ruby on Rails support
    2 - Site will be coded primarily in PHP+AJAX
    3 - I want to be able to have seperate HTTP directories for each site
    4 - 10+ gb disk size
    5 - 100+ gb transfer size. (I actually use a lot because I use my site as a data backup also.)
    6 - I'm a busy guy and have a job, internship, and go to school full time so I don't really want the hastle of seting up and securing a dedicated server or the possible downtime from hardware failure.

    Any suggestions on what to get; bigger shared, vps/vds, dedicated?
    Any suggestions on which hosting company is reputiable and offers decent prices for the services they offer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTHosts
    Almost any "half decent" reseller plan would suit your needs.
    But as always it depends on how much your willing to pay, that much space and transfer doesn't come cheap.
    I'd like to stay under $50.00 per month if possible. I've found some resellers that offer this for around $20.00-$30.00 a month but just don't support Ruby on Rails.

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    If you make some research you will find
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    Maybe take a look at - I think they can offer you what you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E.Emile
    If you make some research you will find
    ^I'm not sure if that helps.

    I've done tons of research and googled for tons of hosts. Google can't tell me which ones are reliable. I would like to hear some personal experiences and such.

    Thanks guru... I'll look into it. Do you have any experience with the company?

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    How much do you value Ruby on Rails as an option? I'm sure if you went to providers that offer that facility they could work out a deal with them, with regards to customising a plan that suits your needs.

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    You could look at some of these :

    Good luck !!

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    Thanks! That helps a LOT! I just looked at that list and realized the host i'm on NOW has Ruby on Rails support!

    Instead of a reseller... I'm almost tempted to get a account for EACH of my sites.

    (7.00 dollars/month) (3 sites) = 21.00 dollars/month

    How can I go wrong? I get 50gb disk space and 999gb of transfer per month ON EACH SITE! Would there be anything wrong with a setup like this?

    Or am I better off paying the 35.00/month for a reseller account with Ruby on Rails support that offers 15gb of disk space and 200gb bandwidth?

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    The reseller is definetly the better choice .
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