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    * Need to be approved for Adsense??


    I was ban from adsense last year (still don't know why) and I could not get approved. Until recently when I started creating website with videos related to the content of my website. You can see a demo HERE

    If you need to get back into Adsense, I can make a website for you with videos related to almost any content..............................

    Price $99 You get full rights over the videos. We also make videos for your existing website if you need or to document your application.......This video help increase the CTR on your site........I know from my experience........

    Send me a PM, post here for your site.....
    Kind Regards....

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    I saw this eariler today, and it boggled my mind; and I'm seeing it again now, and I still don't see how this works. Do you guarentee that your work will result in reacceptance into the AdSense program? What happen if the end result does not result in approval of AdSense program?
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    You can't guarantee it..

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    Once you're banned from adsense, you can still get approved again, but as soon as they figure out you previously had an account, they'll remove your account again.

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