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    how to update my kernel ??

    do any one tell me how to know my kernel version of webserver
    & how to upgrade it
    and if it danger or will change something will drop my users in trouble with me!!!
    much of thanx

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    uname -a
    to find out what kernel you're running

    How to upgrade it? Try to find a better way than building it from scratch. I'm assuming you're running some kind of BSD or linux. In which case your package manager will have a way to install a new kernel. In debian, typing
    apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade
    Would do it for you, assuming your /etc/apt/apt.conf file is configured to allow automagic kernel upgrading.
    Tell us what operating system (including distro and version) you're running.
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    To get the kernel you are running, do:
    uname -a
    It should tell you just to the right of the hostname.

    As far as upgrading it, I personally just hire a server management company such as or to do it for me.

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