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    please check/review portfolio - he says its the best

    Dude is telling me he's one of the best... I'm telling him that designs are crap, he's being ignorant and insults me, calling me a fool. What do you think? are those "designs" any worth, can a professional call them fine designs?

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    They look like designs from MS Frontpage
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    well. yeah, I'm telling him that too... but he's ignorant... I though maybe its my bad taste - so that's why I opened topic here, to take other unbiased opinions!

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    I've seen far worse designs, some of which were done for money, but that doesn't make his good.

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    yes sure I've seen worth too... well this is his business, so designs are done for money...

    but problem is ignorance, those websites can score 2 max 3 out of 10... maybe even less.
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    Yeah, I know. We're validating you, it's ok.

    Why are you arguing with him? He'll get some business because some people don't know better or, hopefully, because the price is right. Other people will see the portofilo and move on. You know he's a two-bit web designer with Frontpage, we know it and many other people do too. He has an over-inflated ego so he doesn't know, but there are far more interesting things to spend your energy on.
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    yes, it started with his argument on my design... he bashed my portfolio etc. I never tried to argue with him, he started the whole thing... and I got involved as usuall, yeah I'm 19, I get offended easily and I'm quite stubborn... bad for me... but I don't take comments from designers like him is mine and he told I'm no good etc.

    Im not a designer any more, I stidy business now... I don't care about designs anymore, but I'm pretty damn proud of the designs I made in my career.

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    regarding your question, can they be called "fine" designs... that's going to depend on ones definition of "fine" which will be related to their experience with designs.

    Would I call them "fine" designs? Nope. But as others have said, I have definately seen worse.

    No need to argue with him - artwork and design is really subjective, and arguing over it just demonstrates a lack of maturity rather than an understanding of what is "officially" good or not. Your work looks decent, and I'm sure he can sell designs to those who don't know any better - no need to pick at who is better.
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    Well, it really depends to who he is offering his services. Many many people don't know how to do a single blank html page, so he does a simple job and cheap.. so that's crap design..

    It will be ok if its like that. But if he says he is one of the best designers, then he should think twice.

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    I'm pleased with my portfolio

    Thanks to all who have commented. It has ceratinly increased my traffic and the other thread (before it was deleted) generated a new contract.

    I don't think I ever stated that I was the best. All I suggested was that a photoshop template was not web site design. I also pointed out that a photoshop template by default will fail validation, furthermore it relies on structural tables rather than CSS for layout.

    However, I build sites for a specific customer base. I don't do graphic laden sites, flash animation or ecommerce. If you want to build those sorts of site then that's fine, but don't tell me my designs are crap because they rely on simple HTML/CSS layouts.

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