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    WHY do you use the control panel that you use? Best? Cheapest? Most trouble free?


    There have been a few threads on "which control
    panel is best?".

    I'm curious *why* those running servers use the control panel they do.

    Is it the best? By what criteria?

    Is it cheapest? How much do you figure you're saving -- and what are you giving up?

    Is it the most trouble free? Fewer "how do I?"
    support questions from customers? More secure?
    Less downtime or server admin. problems due to the
    control panel? What?

    Something else?

    Thanks a bunch for sharing -- and have a nice weekend!!

    Take care and best wishes,

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    CPanel/WHm all the way. Feature rich and easy to use. If a server problem arises I don't want to be struggling through files to find the problem. I want to ge tthe sites back up ASAP. WHM allows for this in almost every way.

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    Ditto the above and we get great support on the product.

    I wil add we have Plesk servers as well... and Cpanel/WHM is our favorite.
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    Ensim, as I'm non commercial so I figured the cheaper the better. Boy, have I learned my lesson....

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    I've always used Cpanel, customers just love all the features and the looks...

    I personally hate control panels, and hardly ever use them except to maybe add and terminate a user... Anyone that knows me knows that I do all my work via shell, best control panel ever:
    [email protected] [~]#

    Control panels can cause your more problems Besides more and more 'hosts' are getting dedicated servers who don't know how to work on a server... I remember someone's sig::

    dedicated server + control panel + newbie = webhost!

    I think that says it all...

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    Cpanel, H-SPhere..

    Well we still have some CPanel server but over all i would say H-Sphere.. For a few reasons..

    1 CP URL for 1 server or 100 servers.
    Support for more then one server.
    Support for Windows 2000
    Very stable, as the load is not all on one server.
    Billing made right in.
    Support made right in..

    If i had to pick it would be H-SPhere for all shared accounts, CPanel for Ded. servers unless they have one or more then H-Sphere would be better..

    Oh yea i all most for got.. Cheaper then CPanel no month to month like CPanel..

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    * Plesk all the way!!!

    I found this thread among many in this forum with regards to this topic.

    I prefer plesk because its robust, stable, bug free, and straight to the point I don't need a control panel with alot of cute colorfull buttons that doesn't work and that it gets updated on a daily basis (cpanel). I need a control panel that will if I want to add a POP account I can go to MAIL type new name click on ADD fill in password click on update and BOOM you have a pop account.

    PLESK rocks!!!!!

    If you want a cute colorfull control with tons of features that doesn't work Cpanel is for you. 2 diferent control panels WHM for server and reseller admin and cpanel for domain users.

    If you want a stable straight to the point control panel then PLESK is for you. 1 control panel for the server admin, reseller user, domain user.
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