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    Site Name-
    Topic- General/Off-Topic Board
    Software Used- phpBB 2.0.20
    Launch Date- March 15, 2006

    Forum Statistics-

    Posts: 3838
    Threads: 680
    Members: 348

    I just updated it today. I spent all day installing a bunch of MODs, etc.
    There's a V.I.P. Lounge and it's private so I will provide you with a test account. Nothing is in there though. The V.I.P. Lounge is a new addition. I also added an anonymous forum in there, "Secret Society". Also, just to let you know, there is a staff section. It's private.

    V.I.P. Account-

    U: VIP
    P: mypassword

    *Anything else, PM me.*

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    Anyone? I'm not interested in just comments either. I'd like an actual review.

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    Well, it's a phpBB so there's not much to review - you didn't make the forums after all. You added some mods as you have said, but what else did you do specifically?

    When asking for a review of boards, it's nice to know what you did yourself that we should be reviewing. I'm guessing you made changes to the css and/or some images?

    I'm guessing you made the logo, and in that case I would recommend adding more to it - the site doesn't have much going on so a more active logo could help.
    Something witty here...

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    I'd use a cleaner, more attractive font for site name, or possible hire a designer for a logo. You could run a contest somewhere and get a nice design cheap.

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    Nice phpb template there, and quite a lot of member

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    site is not working

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    Downtime I guess. It's working fine.

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    Its working fine. Looks clean and easy to understand how to navigate. However, I will add a bit more color, just to atract the visitors.

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    Looks clean and simple, but way too simple. Try to add more things, some glassy buttons and custom modifications.

    Also, try to upgrade to the latest release (2.0.21) ASAP.

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    i think it would be better that you put in your header what your forum site is about ... like there are forums for SEO, webmasters, lovers, marketing .. etc
    i just don't know if there is a meaning for jerlene.
    your logo doesnt look appealing ..
    try to check your site using if it fits all the resolutions

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