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    Authenticate your server email

    I have the problem of our email going to junk folder on hotmail so i began by implementing the " SPF: Sender Policy Framework" and i did it succesfully adding the line: " IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4ome-ip ip4ther-ip -all""

    Checking my domain on this site: says
    that i have implemented correctly the SPF.

    My email is still going to junk folder on hotmail and i see this warning on the validator:

    DomainKey-Status: bad format: No DomainKey signature found
    DKIM-Status: failed (no signature found)
    Can anyone help me how to also implement that on my server?

    My server is running CentOS

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    I think that it would be no Reverse DNS for your IP address.

    go to to see more infomations

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    Check if your domain or Ip is not blacklisted and yes they should have RDNS.

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