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    Selling ad space for the rest of the year (Arcade Site)

    Im selling ads on
    This ads will be till the end of the year (3 months) I belive it will be a good deal
    Sponsor a game for only $50
    Your ad on the main page between the featured games for only $100
    If you want to get game packs (10 minimun) $250 (half price)
    Stats: gets 500 daily uniques with 3000+ game plays
    This will be first come first served (after payment is done)
    PM with the following info:
    Website Name:
    Website URL
    Your email:
    I'll PM back with paypal ID after I review the site you will be promoting.
    This is a time limited offer, sicne Im trying only to get cash for a customization on a new script that will replace the current one (your ads will be transfered to the new script as well).

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    The spots will be for a full year instead the 3 months I mentioned.

    1 featured spot slod (2 left)
    4 game sponsorship sold (16 left)
    Come on guys clock is ticking

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    Can you provide screenshot of stats?

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    PM sent, to all that requested the stats

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    10 spots still available.
    Site is now PR5 and reaching 600 uniques daily

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