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    How's Coloalacarte for colocation?

    Do you have any experienece with coloalacarte?
    How's there uptime SLA , support and providers etc?

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    Well there SLA is 99.9% uptime...

    but that doesn't mean much...I've never heard of them personally...

    They have been around a few years it looks like, and they look to be a part of I would search google & wht and see what turns up.

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    Racklogic and coloalacarte have even same numbers and same address
    Everyone claims 99.9% or 100% uptime but only those who are hosting with them can tell the real story.
    Anyone here on WHT hosting with coloalacarte .com?

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    I actually worked in their facility, for a different project. very nice facility, was there for 2 months working and the noc, very stable high prefromance network. a lot of backup solutions. i would recommend them.

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    Colo-ala-carte is a part of and

    I have servers with them EXCELLENT SERVICES!

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