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    Looking for help/partner

    Hello, just a couple beginner questions.

    Is webhosting still a viable business to start. I am seeing sooo many companies out there.

    What I am seeing more of, is game servers. It seems like all games are going online an Clans want more and more private servers.

    What is the best way to start going at starting up a game server company?

    Are these servers REALLY on their OWN servers or do they do virtual servers or multiple games on the same server?

    Partners: While I don't have a lot of financial funding, I am looking for someone to assist in startup and then sit back and reap the rewards of what happens once a company startup gets going. Maybe a company that is already established and wanting to expand a little?

    Anyone interested.

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    Most of the game server companies host many servers at once. That's why companies can afford to dedicated dual-core dual Xeon processor machines with a price of around 2 bucks a slot. While the costs to maintain that server may be around 200-300 a month, they can host many game servers without sacrificing quality for each individual client.
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    Maintaining a dedicated game server can be very expensive, as a game server usually will require large amounts of bandwidth.

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    ldefoor, You aren't currently able to accept private messages, so I would appreciate you adding me to MSN / Skype if possible ([email protected] / m_ellingham respectively). I'm currently in the process of starting something similar to what you describe. Our hardware is already purchased and co-located, so financial backing isn't really a must in this case.


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    Quote Originally Posted by fractal
    Maintaining a dedicated game server can be very expensive, as a game server usually will require large amounts of bandwidth.
    You sure? I'm not in the game server area of the market, but I was under the impression that it was more about processing power.
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    Yeah, CPU usage is also a high concern.

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    Yep, game servers are streaming data, so its the same kind of philosiphy as media streaming, the better quaility the game the more bandwidth required per /player.


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    Also, don't get confused between "bandwidth" and "data transfer".

    Game servers usually utilise alot of bandwidth at peak times, so you'll need a fat pipe like 100mbps or better (10mbps won't cut it in most cases). However, offpeak you may have next-to no one in your server, utilising very little bandwidth. Bare in mind that most of your clients will be located in the same area, geographically close to the server, so everyone hits the "onpeak" at the same time. Your monthly data transfer tends to iron out at something "average" and not at all excessive.

    Your main priorities should be the processor(s), memory, and hard disk speed (go for SATA). Bandwidth quality is a big aspect too, obviously don't use a connection that takes 500ms for a packet to get to your server.

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