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    Looking for publishers

    I'm looking for sites with more than 1000 daily unique visitors and in english.

    For each 1000 visits you can receive $0.20

    Those 1000 visits have:
    - 1 Banner (image or text link)
    - 0 or 1 Inline Text Link
    - 1 Pop-under

    All accounts have to be approved first.

    This is not automatic. All sites must be approved first manually.

    You will receive a html code to add on your site and a login for you account.
    Payments are made at the beginning of each month by paypal for last month publishing.

    This is a good change for big sites to win easy money just for showing ads.
    PM me if interested.

    Thank you.

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    This is interesting, can you explain how it works a little more? Do you have to allow popups? Our site is proudly popup free.
    Have A Great Day,

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    You can see an online example at

    The banner is always showing and a pop-under is always showing for each visit, inline text ads are rarely showed.

    You can still use the program without pop-unders but i dont know how much can i pay for that because the pop-unders increase a lot the payout rate.

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