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    I am not impressed with their customer service so far, sometimes it seems like they plain just do not care at all, or are just not listening to me at all. Another lesson learned in cheap web hosts.

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    Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience, hopefully they can get your current issues addressed soon.
    It would be great if you can post a more detailed review describing your experience with peerlesshost.

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    Could you please tell us the domain name you have hosted with us and a ticket ID?

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    I have been using them for a while now 3/4 Months for hosting ebay pictures. So far i have been impressed with there service (response times are great), i only had a problem once when they were having problems with there server (and i had a high dollar auction fixing to end, and pics were not showing) but other than that im getting my moneys worth.

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    I think more details are needed to be fair
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    I would suggest that more info would be needed. Hosting images is usually not a big thing. Its when you run mysql and other services that can cause issues of downtime etc.

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    I have not heard any further information from you, neither by our help desk nor on this board, so I would like to add this:

    For this thread to be a credible review, you really need to give a domain name to us or WebHostingTalk, and also a TICKET ID. What it sounds like to me is you are just trying to ruin our company reputation, and we do not have any idea if you are hosted by us or not, which ultimately means this is a fake review.

    I am writing this because if our customer service is not up to par, we would like to satisfy your needs in any way possible, and giving us more information will really help us as well as yourself out.

    Take care.

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