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    High-powered CMS solution - expensive is OK!

    I'm looking for a GREAT solution that will allow me to create multiple sites for clients, and which offers powerful options (including ecommerce), is fantastically easy to use for clients, and which has great layouts. I need to be able to buy a licence that work for this scenario, of course, i.e. one licence, multiple sites.

    I've reviewed many of the threads here, but it's hard to get a feel for which CMS options are really top-notch

    Looking forward to hearing opinions!

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    Well Joomla is a great CMS (opensource) it has a great community but I found it a bit compley to manage the content...but if you know how you can make alot with it...then I also think typo3 (also opensource) is an awesome cms for experienced programmers...I've heard alot good about it but I never tried it by myself..I'm not sure if you really need to pay for licenses..there's alot of good stuff out there for free... ( )


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    918 has a very good CMS (with price tag to match!)

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    Another vote for Joomla

    I've found Joomla to be very flexible, that is one can build their own template from scratch without LOTS of trouble, just using the right tool. I"ve sold two Joomla websites so far and have 3 more in planning stages. is the URL for that CMS

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    I agree, JOOMLA is the best and more versatile option to use.

    Next, u have DRUPAL but in my opinion is a bit confusing and not user friendly.

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    Invision board has some really nice features on it. like games, forums, photogallery and user points system.

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