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    Bit of confusion over what a vps is?

    Okay im a bit confused as to what a VPS actually is.

    My friend had a server a bit ago and connected to it using Remote Desktop Connection. and he said it was a vps.

    I have been looking into renting a server like that but i have been reading about vps and it sounds like im looking for a virtual machien not a vps. can anyone help me in clearing up my confusion?


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    A VPS/VDS is a "Virtual Private/Dedicated Server" its essentially a server inside of a server. Its just as if you had a dedicated server but with less resources.

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    so i will be able to control it just like a remote windows/linux box through rdc or something similar?

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    Yes. A VPS is like a dedicated server except it's on a big box divided into little servers.
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    okay, thanks for the help

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