I heard it was the best place to ask about my issue so here it goes.

I'm hosted at a very good reputation host having as b/w provider Nlayer. I'm located in Mtl. Canada, and when doing tracert I seem to go through Savvis to access Nlayer network. Now since 3 months I'm hosted there, at specific hours ( like if it was scheduled), I'm getting timing outs when doing ping -t to my servers. Not a lot but just enough to be annoying. I'm on cable modem with a good ISP here in Mtl. I'd love to know how I could know from who / where those timing outs could occur. I have 2 dedicated servers at that host. 1 at Dallas, the other at San Francisco, both hosted on Nlayer network, going through Savvis to access them, both giving timing outs. What bugs me most, is that I had a server hosted on a Cogent line & never had that much timing outs while I was there. I never thought I would get that much to access Nlayer network, but well. It doesn't come up to my mind that no one at Savvis and / or Nlayer are doing something about it since that 3months period. I'm now even thinking that it could be the host itself, but since I'm not a network/ server tech, I can't really figure the reason of getting those. I would really need asisstance or guidance to figure what's going on. Both servers aren't capped at all. As I've said above, I'm not a server tech. so pls be gentle with me. :-)

Any help would be grealty appreciated.