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    Resources in Black Zone

    I am new in vps !
    my vps have 256MB ram and I setup 23 domains on that. 22domains is static and haven't higher than 100page visit daily but 1 domain is work with php/mysql now every 15min (around 15) vps resource status goes to "black zone" and my resource go 90 95 %
    now i have a another porblem with bind every hour bind services shutdown becouse when i want to load my sites in status only show site's name and then nothing (show name , show Ip , website found and then site loaded)
    how can i optimize my vps ?

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    please reply me !!

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    What is your control panel? 256Mb seems not enough if you use cPanel. Also do you enable antivirus and spamassasin. Both of them use a lot of memory when filtering email. Also please check if you use virtuozzo vps, please show you black zone log.

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    how can I get log ?
    and how to disable spam filtering ?
    in my vps log say kmemsize load high resources.
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    Go to WHM >> Service configuration >> Service Manager.

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    kmemsize is the amount of memory allocated to those sections of programs
    which must stay resident and cannot be swapped into the disk swapfile

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    i disable spam and java chat
    how about kmemsize ?
    My zone is blackzone now
    how can i optimize my vps (optimize httpd ,bind and other services)
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