Selling the below individually or as a lot. An unknown percentage of these have been registered at an earlier time and dropped. Assume that the below domains have no traffic or PR, although they might -- I am not going to cherry-pick through them. These are selling cheap so pick up a few for your portfolio. Make offer for any of these but I have a BIN for a selected few. I will accept any decent offer, as I want to liquidate this ASAP. All the below are listed in this format: domain, suggestion for development (in parentheses), BIN or ballpark figure I'm expecting. The entire portfolio can be purchased for mid/high $xxx -- Make an offer. Leave offers below and I'll reply accordingly. All registered through Registerfly unless noted and have close to a year left on registration (again, unless noted). (Possibly a video-game cheat site) -- BIN: $30 (Anything that compacts) -- BIN: $20 (A cowhand is a helper on a ranch - Generic Term - could sell for a lot to a ranch) -- BallPark: Around $30-50 (Common variant; could be for anything that displays manners) -- BallPark: $25-40 (PERFECT for a game site!) -- BallPark: $30-50 (Refers to a skinny, odd-looking kid -- Would be great as a geek website) -- BallPark: $70-100 (Self-explanatory -- Halloween is coming up, a time full of illusions) -- BIN: $100 (Self-explanatory) (Self-explanatory)
BIN for Pair: $25 (Generic - Could be used for those with immobility problems ie handicapped, Seniors, etc.) -- BallPark: Early $xxx (Might work well for brain-teasers) -- BallPark: mid $xx (Self-explanatory -- Could be a hearing-impaired/disability website, similar to ) -- BallPark: $100 (Self-explanatory -- might work for an English-as-a-second-language site) -- BIN: $50 (Generic - For the sale of paperbound books) -- BIN: $100 (Could be pronounced "pope-ish" or "pop-pish") -- BIN: $15 (Great name for a printing press, perhaps) -- BIN: $30 (A major muscle -- would be great for a body-building site) -- BallPark: $25-50 (This is common slang for a woman's menstrual [period]. This might only do well for a website aimed at gross-out humor) -- BIN: $25 (Self-explanatory) -- BIN: $20 (Self-explanatory) -- BIN: $20 (Great for an adult site) -- BallPark: high $xx (Lyric/band site, maybe?) -- BIN: $20 (Self-explanatory -- major potential) -- BIN: $100 (Good for those cold winter months ahead) -- BIN: $30 (Self-explanatory -- It'd work any form of anger, even war-themed sites) -- BIN: $35 (Self-explanatory -- Regged it for its keyword... about 4,000+ Overture, I think) -- BIN: $40
(Expires around 12/06) (Self-explanatory) -- BIN: $20
(Expires around 12/06)

BOTH BOOK-WRITING DOMAINS AS A PAIR: BIN: $50 (Rare 4-letter .net -- It's blindingly easy to say [it doesn't require imagination -- and it's 1 syllable], spell, remember, and it's highly brandable, with 4 quality letters) -- BIN: $200
Regged at TargetDomain (Godaddy reseller) through March 26, 2008 (Among the best .com dating domains undeveloped) -- BIN: $200
(Regged at Namecheap Expires around 7/07) (Self-explanatory --All major extensions taken) -- BIN: $6
(Regged at DomainSite)

Make offer on ANY domain or BIN if it has a BIN listed with it. BallPark-figures are only expectations & I'll consider a price below them if it looks reasonable. I reserve the right to decline an offer at will for any reason. Post the domains you want below with SOLD or with an offer. PMs accepted. Send payments to white_requiem at and supply me with your registrar ID so I can push the domains. PM all questions. Multi-forum post.

This thread supersedes any previous sales threads with these same domains.