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    Difference between "Dedicated" and "Managed" servers ?

    What is the difference between "Dedicated" and "Managed" servers ?

    And additionally between "Virtual" servers ?

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    Well Dedicated and Managed have the base configurations. Managed just implies that the host will take care of system administration tasks for you. How much they'll do is usually reflected in the price. A VPS is a virtual dedicated server. It's a portion of a dedicated server split up into smaller dedicated servers using virtualization technology. A dedicated server will generally be much faster and more powerful than a Virtual Server.
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    Dedicated = The datacenter provides the hardware, OS, power and network.

    Managed = As above + datacenter takes care of system administration, updates, patching, etc.

    Virtual = A server managed by the datacenter that has multiple "virtual private servers (VPS)" on it. From your perspective, it's pretty much a dedicated server. The individual VPSes are unmanaged like the Dedicated servers.
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