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    Brush up on your seach skills, give me a hand finding something.

    I'm a college student. I've been taking a particularly difficult speech class - and have been assigned to speak on the process that takes place which propels a bullet from a gun.

    I am required to take one source from a journal source(professionally written work, such as a medical journal, science, ect ect). The problem is, I just cannot find anything that is from a journal that talks about how guns work, or anything about guns other than gun control.

    I wrote my speech two weeks ago, but just need some references to a journal. I have been unable to find any journals which would help me.

    This is an informational speech, not a "guns are bad" or "guns are good", I just need facts on guns.

    Can anyone help me out here? I'm totally running out of time(have to turn it in tomorrow) If theres a journal that talks about guns, i'd love a link. If you find one, let me know how in the world you did it, because i've used all the keywords/journal searching engines I could think of.

    Any help would be great.

    *Search skills, even, not seach.*

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