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    remote mysql server

    hello i'm trying to setup remote mysql server with cpanel.
    but the server with the mysql server Only allow connections on localhost.

    how can i allow connections from a diffrent host?

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    At the very buttom of the cPanel interface where you add users/databases etc you can set what hosts are allowed to connect as well

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    i'm using a clean server for the mysql server. it dosent have cpanel installed.
    not even the root user has access to connect to the mysql server.

    i need to allow connections from a diffrent host then localhost.

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    You can allow remote connections based on user name.
    When you create user "sasha", that user is considered the same as "[email protected]", so if you want to allow sasha to connect from some_other_place you need to create user "[email protected]_other_place". If you have multiple servers from which "sasha" will connect you need to create user account for each one of them or create user "sasha@%" where % stands for "any host".

    Oh and make sure port 3306 is opened on your firewall, that is the port mysql uses.

    You should read this too:

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