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    Bother learning c++?

    I understand java, javascript, PHP, XHTML, XML, CSS and I have a basic understanding of C/C++. But nothing advanced. A lot of people are telling me that C# and Microsoft.NET is the next big technology to use for the next 10 years. So, should I even bother to finish learning advanced C++ methods or should I just jump straight into C#?

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    If you have a basic understanding of C/C++ and no real need to use it... No. It is a great language to know and understand but it doesn't do you any good unless you can apply it somewhere .

    Dig into Python or Perl a little; these are excellent utility languages to know and can also be used for larger applications. For simple toss-away apps that your likely to need at some point, they are worth knowing. If you’re focusing on web development, ruby-on-rails might be a good to learn/gain experience with; or focusing your efforts on some of the PHP frameworks might pay off.

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    With a good understanding of Java, JavaScript, and PHP, there is no need to learn C++ further before jumping into C#. If you already have the basic concepts down like casting variables, setting correct return types, etc. then you will be just fine learning C#. THe thing about .NET is that since it's a framework, it has so many speciallized functions and ways of doing things that are so different from the actual language's way of doing the same things, that it really won't be much benefit to you to learn both if you only plan on doing .NET. PHP and Java are already a whole lot like C/C++/C# that you won't need any special C++ knowledge to be able to pick it up quickly.

    Also, don't bother learning Perl or Python, Perl isn't so widely used anymore, and Python has never really caught on to the mainstream. You're fine where you're at, and you will be much more prosperous developing for the .NET framework - just get on learning C#!
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    Also, don't bother learning Perl or Python, Perl isn't so widely used anymore, and Python has never really caught on to the mainstream.
    Python and Perl are just about as mainstream as anything else...

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    Perl's pretty mainstream. check out,, there's a TON of stuff going on there. Python and Ruby are excellent as well. I'd recommend learning C++ just because there's so many programming concepts behind it that are crucial to learn, it helps you design good software and layout your code much better if you learn it correctly. It's also excellent in GUIs and such. I, personally recommend learning all that you can.

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    2 things...learn as much as you can and learn as much as you can.

    There are principles and uses for all languages.

    However, it looks as though you are heads-down for web tech and languages, so csharp and scripting languages like perl, python and ruby should be your next choices. If you are doing more work on windows systems, I would script the three scripts and go to the .NET framework.

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