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    Windows 2003 Dedicated Box: Various Questions

    When purchasing a dedicated Win 2003 server, are you essentially purchasing a remote Win box? If so, should you be able to admin the machine via. a VPN like you would run on a intranet? Also you should get full Admin rights to the box, control services, etc.

    OS Question: Use Win 2003 WEB or Standard? From what I have read, the sole benefit for WEB server is if you plan to use the machine specifically for web work and not run a database or other processes. Standard is for web + other server activities.

    The issue, is there any GOOD reason to choose a dedicated server running Windows Server 2003 Web Edition? Eg. many fewer security holes?

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    Yup you can connect to the server using remote desktop. You should get full admin rights to the box, I have never had a dedicated server where they don't give you admin rights. You are paying for it, you should be able to do whatever you want with the box.

    I think the web version is just meant to be a cheaper version if you just want to run a web server and not anything else. Like you said you cannot install SQL Server on the web version. Security wise I don't think it is any safer or less safe.

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    You can administer the server connecting through RDP and also you can opt for windows standard edition- Has many features's than webserver edition.
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    The Web Edition is a scaled down version, it does not mean it is more or less secured as the Standard. It is scaled down as it does not support the higher end servers like the quad CPU servers, has a more restrictive licensing and does not come with the Windows Media Servers. There are other things which probably may not be required for normal web hosting services.

    Yes, you get full administrative rights to the server via Remote Desktop Connection, this client is part and parcel of Windows XP and for other versions of Windows, you can download it free from Microsoft website. It basically brings up the remote desktop as if it is right infront of you. You manage the server like you manage your local windows computer. The only difference is that the Ctrl-Alt-Del for the remote server is replaced to Ctrl-Alt-End, the former is used for your local windows computer.

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