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    phpsuexec + php.ini + PHP 5.1.x


    We are using phpsuexec with PHP 4.x and PHP 5.0.x. We liked the idea, that the user could create there own php.ini file and turn off register_globals and things like this.

    But with PHP 5.1.x it's not possible anymore to use a own php.ini file. Because we are using phpsuexec we are also not able to configure this in .htaccess files or directly in httpd.conf file.

    Is there a workarround, that we can still use own php.ini files with PHP 5.1.x? Or how are you handling this?

    I know, from a security point of view, it's good that customers can not use a own php.ini file and that the global setting should be register_globals = off, but ...


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    The PHP crew said this would be fixed in PHP 5.2.0. I am interested in a work around if any exist...
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