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    Free Mail Control Panel


    I'm working on a website for a friend of mine that runs a small company. I have created about 5 email addresses through cPanel and I'm wondering how can each staff member access their amount account? I'm looking for a web-based solution. I understand they can all access it through Outlook Express/Thunderbird but it needs to be web-based and easy to use.

    I'm putting this on my Softlayer server.


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    If you have cPanel, don't you have Horde or SquirrelMail installed? Those webmail programs are normally on cPanel servers by default, I thought.

    You can also check out RoundCube - , if you don't want to use the to mentioned above. Free and a great webmail app
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    Thanks -- I'm now using SquirrelMail.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxS
    Thanks -- I'm now using SquirrelMail.

    Scott-MC over at has posted the following if you are interested in integrating roundcube with CPanel:

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