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    Question suggestions for ad management service

    I have a simple site on VPS account on a Linux server. I have started accepting advertising. Now that the academic year has begun, traffic on my educational site has soared.

    Currently, ads are put on the site in rotating decending order: the pages are listed according to pageviews, and then the ads are allotted to the pages in descending order. Supposing I had two ads, Ad A would go on listing 1, Ad B would go on listing 2, Ad A would go on listing 3, and so forth. And the advertising charge is currently fixed according to a fee structure agreed to during the summer "off" season.

    As one might imagine, this process is both tedious and under-rewarding. I would like to switch to something simpler and more financially effective. The advertisers have agreed to a CPM rate. Now I need an ad-rotation program.

    While my site is static, small, and straightforward, I do get quite a lot of traffic. This traffic has caused problems in the past with server overload (due to the high volume of file calls). So I would like to avoid anything that involves installing a database and script on my own server, as this would almost certainly cause immediate headaches.

    I would appreciate informed opinions regarding remote ad-rotation management programs. From past experience (when I tried advertising once), I am familiar with Banman Pro. Since this management service requires a Windows server, obviously it would not work for my site. But I think I am looking for something similar, in that my clients would be able to view their stats, and the management and tracking would be remote from my server.

    Thank you for your advice and URLs.


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    Whoops! I guess I'm "behind the times", and advertising isn't tracked that way any more.

    So could people please suggest ad-rotation and -tracking scripts that can handle high traffic loads without bogging down the server?

    I have a VPS account on a Linux server. I believe (if I turn it on) I have access to MySQL. Perl and PHP are also available. I have minimal skills of my own, but I can generally follow directions, so something straightforward (no "bells and whistles" necessary) with clear explanations would probably be best.

    Thank you.


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