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    How to find people to rent a rack space together in LA area

    I am not sure if this is the right place the ask such question .
    I would appreciate if you direct me to right forum or web site .
    I want to find people in Los Angeles area to rent a rack space from
    CALPOP . I want to rent 1/4 rack space ($299/month) -unlimited bandwith(???)
    with someone else . 1/4 rack means 10U space I believe .



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    theres no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, and sharing with a stranger is never a good idea...

    CALPOP offers one port unmetered 10mbps with that, so you'll need a switch to use more than one server or pay additional costs for extra network drops.

    Why not just go with their single server for $99/month which includes the same amount of bandwidth.

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    I would do a search for CALPOP on these forums before you even call them. They don't have a very good reputation.

    But right down the hall in the same datacenter is Corparate Colo, and they have a great rep, and I have two servers with them. Try this link out:

    And I already have a partner, Sorry.

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    You might go to and see if there are any good deals there? A lot of people who list there are companies that have extra space they're just trying to use up.

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    Why dont you just post in the offers and say "Share a rack in la"

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