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    ASP.NET site, need suggestions...

    Looking for a home for a medium sized ASP.NET site (bandwidth anywhere from 30GB-100GB/month) that will use MSSQL DB. Probably don't need more than 10GB of diskspace.

    I can't decide if it's really worthy of a dedicated server.

    I've been using Discount ASP.NET for all my previous sites and have been extremely happy with them, but their package isn't big enough for this site.

    Any suggestions for a solid ASP.NET host? Or thoughts on whether a dedicated server is needed for a site this size?

    Much thanks.

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    It is not exactly cheap but we used to use for our hosting. Their support is excellent but depending on what you need their shared plan gets close to the cost of a dedicated server. You could get a low end dedicated server and run SQL Server Express 2005 for similar cost. Just depends on your level of knowledge as far as running your own server. If you aren't comfortable with it MaximumAsp may be worth it for you.


    BTW if you got the SQL Express route make sure you check the limitations of the free version.

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    Hardly do you need a dedicated.

    A decent range VPS would do you justice.
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    I use 3essentials for basic hosting ( and I think they offer packages with this much bandwidth for about $10/mo. This is a shared account.

    The issue is not the bandwidth but how much CPU you will use.

    You might get a dedicated reseller and then sell off some of the excess to others.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    My gut was saying that a dedicated server wasn't needed but the site's previous home was on a dedicated server so I was hesitating....

    If anyone else has suggestions for alternate hosts please drop a line.

    thanks again.

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    I would think the cheapest you can find a dedicated server with Windows on it is about $60/month. Does your current provider not have a shared account that can accomodate your needs for that price? If not then a VPS should be sufficient for your needs and you can save yourself a bit of money rather than going dedicated. However, if your site is going to grow and grow and going dedicated is inevitable down the road, then you might as well get on a dedicated and avoid the larger migration later.
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