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    Is this a good processor?

    I'm trying to build a computer and I found this on ebay, can anyone tell me if it is worth getting or what else you would need to buy with it. I'd admit I don't know much about it, was hoping someone would know something about it.

    Many thanks.

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    Its a CPU for a mini-notebook pc or tablet pc, no good for a home system and to be honest you would be lucky to even be able to get hold of a motherboard that would accept it for a general home pc or even a server.

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    You can read about Transmeta here:

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    Grab an AMD Athlon64 or Sempron and that should do it

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    If you have the money, buy an AMD X2 processor, or an Intel Conroe processor.

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    This CPU is the slowest among AMD and Intel chips.

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