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    Dedicated/VPS/Reseller ( replacement)

    I'm currently hosting on a small dedicated box for 19.95 Euro from (1&1 cheapo brand) which discontinue their service end of October. As such I'm currently looking for a good priced/value replacement. Preferably a dedicated server, but VPS would also be possible as mostly minisites are hosted not creating too much traffic and load.

    Following basic requirements:
    10GB HD space
    10GB/month traffic
    minimum 2 IP addresses
    unlimited domains
    full root access (unmanaged)
    priced < 25$

    So more so better

    Hosting locaction not important, as long as reliable and available.

    Anything particular to recommend?


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    Sounds like a good VPS candidate. I would checkout

    Very good network, 100% uptime, great staff, lots of positive reviews on webhostingtalk
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    You should check VPS offers section in WHT. You will find so many offers from leading vps service providers in the industry.

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