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    Unhappy How can this happen?

    I have a reseller account with an uk based hosting company. I am from india. Last month, One bad day morning, i cann't access my site if i put www infront of the domain name. After few hours i cann't access my sites totally. They said its all fine with them. There was no server down. They asked for my IP to check blocked list IP. Mine is static IP and it was not in their block list. They also send me a link of Aletra website monitoring service to PING test to various data centers. It works fine. All my sites down for 1 and half days. Then One fine morning all are fine. Meantime when it is up without WWW i deleted all the files in one of my site due to confusion. How can this happen?

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    It is your ISP losing their dns cache. Should have tried a differnet dial up provider you probably would have had no problems seeing your site then.
    Happens some times and it is not your hosts fault the provider of your internet service at home.

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    Yup dns cache problem it happens with some ISPs if you have the option go to a different ISP.

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    What a shame that something like this happens and can cause the confusion you experienced. My advise in the future - before you start making changes - check with with others that might be using a different internet provider to see if they can see your site. If this happens too often, I would change your provider to a company that is a bit more reliable.

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    If have DNS issues, then simply add your domain (with AND without 'www') into your 'hosts' file. This'd mean your computer doesn't have to consult external DNS servers if they want to resolve the domains listed in your 'hosts' file.


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    If you're otherwise happy with your ISP you could always use a third party DNS provider like
    Matthew Winship
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