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Thread: Looking For VPS

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    Looking For VPS

    G'day All!,

    I rember a while ago looking at this company starting with M? like moole? or it could not start with that? (I've searched so many diffrent terms) their website was very nice... like alot of white space etc.. They offerd one plan and they used their own software it costs $80 or it might of being 80Gig HDD space.

    Does any one know what they are called?


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    Thanks Mate!

    Also, do you know it they are reliable or what?


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    Yes they are, they are a division of rackspace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezXEN
    Yes they are, they are a division of rackspace.
    Awsome, That's great to hear then! I'm tossing up over VPS or Reseller... Might go reseller and if i can work my self up enough ill go with Mosso

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