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    Do such things "happen"?

    I have had a small, budget reseller account with a host for a couple of years. Most of the time things were ok, with relatively minor issues from time to time.

    Recently there was an incident that caused the entire server go offline for more than two days. According to the hosting company, the server had a serious problem that required a clean re-installation of the enitre OS and user accounts, and as long as this wasn't completed by the data center technicians, the host itself had no access to the server and could not do anything to make things go faster.

    Now, do you thinkg that with a company charging relatively low prices (say $5/m for 800mb/10GB accounts), such incidents are part of the risk one takes, or are they totally unacceptable? I mean, there is obviously a limit to the degree of monitoring, maintenance, redundancy etc. you can provide for that much dollars.

    In the end, what I am trying to figure out is whether if I want to reduce the risk of more serious incidents, I must necessarily be preprared to pay considerably more.

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    I think if this is the first incident over a period of two years, you are in good shape. You are exactly right about the price - you get what you pay for. If you were paying $20 per month, then this might not be so acceptable. But at $5, it's not bad.
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    Your host was probably compromised - Most likely of a kernel or the most recent cPanel exploits, meaning it could of been avoided.


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    And pray tell,mini, how could it have been avoided? The expliot was of the most current version of cpanel, so it's not like it's an issue of host not keeping up with the latest patches. I love how "hosts" come into threads and make abiguous comments that are geared at attacking other (and in this case unknown) hosts just to get their sig line up.

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