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    only recently went with the host purchased a dedicated box and last couple of days i havent been able to get online, just wondering if anyone knows anything about it?

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    I have one of their servers for the past six months or so and have had just a few problems with it. However, today it's down and down hard. So's their website. And, I can't even SSH into my server. I'm thinking it might be a NOC issue.

    I know they resell for whom, after recent research, seems to have problems of their own.


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    well my site is ok but there website is down and has been for 2 days now

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    Our websites are hosted offsite at an alternate facility so even if our sites are down your servers should be fine. We are working to bring back up the main server at the present time.

    We do not resell for and are not affiliated with them in any way.

    Site will be back within 30 mins, any issues please PM me! Thanks.

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    My server eventually did come back online although I'm still concerned by it had gone down. I sent them an email requesting further info.

    Regarding, this may have changed fairly recently as I had an issue with the server several months ago that made me research the ultimate server owner. The public IP block my server is attached to was owned by at that time, as several of the blacklists were blocking the entire block which meant my own server was being accused of a spam relay.

    Thx much.


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