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    1-time server move help needed


    My situation is described at here
    I currently have a colo server, which I will be moving from a datacenter to be hosted at my friend's shop which has a dedicated ip.

    May I know whats involved in the move? Like where I should change the IPs, how to edit the DNS servers, etc. I checked and saw that the current server has eth0:20+ interfaces, but in the new place I will only have 2 IPs to use, should I delete the interfaces to leave only 2?

    Some background info on the server, its Red Hat 9, used to be using Cpanel but I stopped the licence so Cpanel has expired on it.
    I would be willing to pay a little token of appreciation if anyone can provide advice on the change of server IPs, I'm guessing should be a simple task to you guys.

    Please PM me your MSN if possible and we'll talk through there.

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    Liwiplus can do this job, please feel free to contact us.

    FYI : Your DC IPs no more needed if you are placing the server in different location.
    liwiplus Team,
    The Support Sages

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    There might be some people willing to help you out - either pay or might be just a helping hand if you're a pseudosysadmin with some broad skills. However, you've not posted your MSN details - so no one can contact you via the forums.
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    We can have this done for you

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