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    Constructive feedback please !

    Hii !

    I am soon launching a niche directory and search engine dedicated to the hosting industry.

    Here is the pointer : Hostoholic ( !

    I have added some categories and a few sites.

    Please give you valuable feedback as to what else should be added, which could be usful for a person visiting such a directory !

    Also how doyou like the color combos and other layout stuff !

    I am not yet completely thru' with the design...But any of you running a hosting company or would like to submit a hosting site...please do go ahead and submit..I will include / list them after reviewing it.

    Thanks for your valuable time


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    colors aren't too bad, although it is the same layout as you are using for your installbot page. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    Chief : You are right on that point..but I am deliberately using teh same template for all my sites.

    One thing is...itskind of neat and tidy...and many other factors...and infact for another couple of my services, i plan to use the same template !

    I could be quite borning..But kind of uniformity for all my services...! being a niche directory for hosting Industry...what suggestions you have for me !

    Thanks for any help !


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    Looks good and a nice addition would be to add a feature like "Most reviewed" or something. The host withthe most clicks would be up top.

    P.S. Submitted my site

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