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    Has anyone ever heard of, or used, this service:

    I am looking for a secure remote location to back up some of my writing (my primary computer is about 3 years old now, and on the verge of death -- so I want to have important information backed up somewhere else). I ran across this site, but I have never heard of them, so I was wondering what people thought.

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    Well... I've never used nor heard of any of their services...

    If it's simply writings, of non-important (from anyone but, yourself) My suggestion would be to burn it to CD...

    The services they offer are easily duplicated through numorous other freeware programs...

    Search for other programs to encrypt your data... Or if your really serious and paranoid you can use to store your personal files....

    Either way... It's something you can pay much less for than what they are offering w/ a little bit of elbow grease..

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