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    New to web hosting and videopodcasting

    Hi everyone. I am brand new to web hosting. I have never had a website in my life but thats not to say im computer stupid. I am a student video editor at my second year of film school and i have worked with Final Cut Pro and a few other video editing software for over 5 years. Im trying to start a site where i can host video podcasts every week. My idea is to start a podcast site for my school. Currently every student has to make 1 min short videos every week and i feel that they would be perfect for a podcast. Im oviously using a mac and i was wondering what i should use for web hosting. origonaly i was looking at the .Mac thing but iv read that it might not have enough bandwith for this. Also i am planing on uising iweb to create the site unless someone has a better idea for that part as well. thanks for all the help guys and gals

    P.S. this is for a colege and im doing this as volenteer so something cheap would be ideal.

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    Most budget hosts ~$5/mo should be definitely enough for your needs as you only need to host small 1 min videos which shouldnt take too much storage (one added per week). Do consider the amount of storage and bandwidth you'll be using and make sure to do some research before signing up, definitely consider the amount of traffic you think you'll be getting so you can do a rough calculation of how much bandwidth you need and so on.

    Good luck
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    You might want to call the hosting companies directly during business hours and ask them if they provide any type of discounts for students or schools. These type of discounts would not be advertised on their websites. The only way to get this information is by contacting them directly. You could also check out and They provide video hosting and this could be a good start until you find a decent hosting company.
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    web hosting are cheap nowadays. but reliable server is the hard one.

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