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    Unmanaged hosting

    We are a software company with excellent networking support. Basicaly we don't really need any managed hosting with port monitoring, uptime, QoS monitoring, etc. Since we're writing such software we know how to deal with these issues so what we are looking for is a company that can provide an outstanding realiable server connection with true 99.99% uptime.

    Of course Datapipe and Rackspace has offered us expensive but *managed* solutions; we really don't want to pay for fanatic support that we don't need.

    Is there any excellent provider with unamanaged server solutions?

    Thank you for your time, any help/advice/tip is highly appreciated.

    (I really hope that I didn't broke by this post the no-request-for-host policy since we're looking for advices from companies/customers and not for a direct offer.)

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    Many people will recommend LayeredTech for unmanaged servers.

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