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    A few days ago I had reason to believe the security on one of my servers may have been comprised, I got very uncomfortable about this and decided to get someone who was a server security expert to help me out. The first two names that came to mind were Steve (rack911) and Tris (seeksadmin) since Ive seen both their names come up quite a few times on forums like this. I decided to go with Tris since his prices were lower than the other guy even though he seemed to have just as good a reputation.

    I sent him an email and in exactly 4 minutes he responded. Within another few minutes we were chatting on MSN. He agreed to fully secure the server as best he could and got started right away. His partner Matt picked up where he left off and within an hour their basic 'security kit' was installed. They stayed with me on MSN the entire time and kept me abreast of what they were doing step by step. I was also sent an email with the synopsis of our online conversation as well as a complete list of all the tasked they had carried out. They were courteous, friendly, quite professional and very knowledgeable.

    They also provided a security audit at no additional cost and were prepared to fix any damaged caused by any hacks that may have been carried out, I understand there is usually a charge for this but I guess they realized I was a little distressed over the situation and were genuinely interested in helping me. I would definitely use these guys again.

    Keep it up guys!
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    Thank you very much for your kind words, they are appreciated. And we will definetly keep it up Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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