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    Redemption Period after Cancelling a Domain?

    Could someone please tell me what happens when one cancels a domain? I have found conflicting answers so far..

    One source says taht it will go through a redemption period and then come available for registration after a short time period (like 45 days)

    However I called the tech support for my registrar and they said that when a domain is cancelled it remains unavailable until its actual expiration date, then goes into the redemption period. I find it hard to belive that if I cancel a domain that expires in July of 2007 that it will be unavailable that long.

    Could someone please clarify exactly what the process is?


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    Re: Redemption Period after Cancelling a Domain?


    If a explicit deletion is performed by the Registrar, the domain goes to the REDEMPTION PERIOD for the next 30 days. Just after it changes to PENDING DELETE where it remains for 5 days before becoming available. It is usually required for you to provide the registrar with some kind of proof of the current owner's consent with this deletion.

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    Ditto what Javier answered above, with emphasis on the word "explicit".

    If you fulfill your registrar's requirements to have the domain name deleted before
    its expiration, they should explicitly delete the domain name record. Then it falls
    into the standard redemption period-pending delete phases.

    Many registrars don't offer an online option to delete the domain name, too risky
    given many registrants don't exactly know how these things work.

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