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    Yet another "Best Dedicated Host" request

    I am looking for an dedicated server with these requirements, for a client. The issue is the price, eg. can you get good service for under $250/mo! I have book looking at HostGator but other ideas would be welcome. The issue is finding a host that is stable, can actually answer their phone, and is not a haven for spammers!

    The client does not need active assistance as much as little passive stupidity from the host company!


    • Cost: $75- $150 per month
    • Minimum Requirements:
      • Processor: Pentium 2.0 ghz
      • Memory: 512 meg.
      • Disk Space: 60gb
      • Monthly bandwidth: 1,000 gb
      • IP Addresses 5
    • OS: Linux or Unix based
    • Must run Apache,PHP and mySql.
    • Unmanaged is OK
    Computer: A machine that can make the wrong decision faster that you!

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    Very good network, support, servers, highly recommended on these boards
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