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    It's a site focused on new music; mostly indie rock and geared towards college students. I worked over the summer on the deisgn, while interning for an internet radio company based out of Chicago. Once the internship was over, I applied some of my skills to my own project.

    I'd like a review on the design, more than anything. Suggestions, etc. The content is still in a developmental phase for the most part. Some of the sections are going to be scrapped entirely (live music, links, and contact) and integrated into the main page. I'm still working on contacting labels for promos, bands for interviews, writers for album reviews, etc.

    Any feedback at all would be helpful, I'm sure. Thanks!


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    no feedback?

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    well i think its a good design. Only one suggestion. One side looks full of images and one side looks full of text. why dont you try moving "What's New" In the middle and see how it look.

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    that's a really good suggestion, thanks!

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    ragu21 is right with his suggestion.
    Also, it might not be easy to read all text (small light green text on a dark green background). I can read it, but I can see other people complaining about that.
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    Get yourself a real header that makes it easier to recognise your site.
    Your small logo at the left will not help you to create a brand, especialy because it blends with the images directly below it. - Version 2
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    i think you better check it on coz its not aligned on the center in 1280x800 resolution
    aside form that everything seems okay .. because the contents of your site are good

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    I don't really see the issue of branding as being a big concern, the blending of the images and matching color schemes are intentional.

    Also, is that 1280x800 resolution one people are actually on?

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    It would love to see some RSS. I like to read news on various subjects but i'm to lazy to visit everysite everytime to check for news.

    The rest that has to be said is allready noted, and 1280 x 800 is a normal laptop screen size... but the same thing is on 1280 x 1024.

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