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    SEO Question

    Is overture views effects the ranking (position) on Yahoo search?

    If I search a keyword (Japanese) in Google, my site comes on top. First one on first page. Not in adwords part.

    But searching same keyword in Yahoo, my site is nowhere in first 1000. However I have an Overture account and my site displayed on top of sponsored links. Is that why my site won't displayed on safe zone (non-paid list) ?

    And this happens in a few keywords. Pretty good position in google (1st~4th page) but none in Yahoo (at least couldn't find it in first 40+ pages) but displayed on sponsored links.

    Any ideas?

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    Is overture views effects the ranking (position) on Yahoo search?
    Overture, Adwords, Kanoodle and any other paid placement service should have no bearing on search engine placement. I've seen sites come up #1 in sponsored searches that are banned from the regular directory
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