is a resource that is used by MySpace users that allows them to make their profile more interactive.

It is an established site with traffic: 6000+ visits, 20,000+ page views per month.

My time is really limited, so I am freeing myself from properties I definitely won't have time to manage in the near future.

Marketing is easy through MySpace bulletins or other means. I advertised in the first month and that brought in nearly 50,000 page views with minimal investment. I have not done any more advertising than that, but the traffic still holds, if not growing.

It runs ONLY some AdSense ads (no banners, no pop-ups, no links etc), but nothing spectacular. Most likely I am doing something wrong with the site, because the traffic is growing, but the capitalization aspect of it is not under good control. It brings in just a few dollars a month ($5-$10). With an average of 90-110 clicks per month (based on 3 months), you should do much better than that if you spend a little more time on SEO or switch to Yahoo! Publisher Network. Add other forms of advertising displayed and you'll probably double/triple the revenue stream.

This is probably the most valuable asset of this sale. During the initial advertising campaign I have established a fair amount of profiles already using the codes from my site. They have been using it for at least 3 months now, and the traffic they are driving is targeted and responsive. I have not done any more advertising due to my lack of time.

Please see following links for traffic details:

All traffic comes from search engines and active real profiles.

*Currently it looks like in September the site will cross 7,000 visitors and generate nearly 30,000 pageviews.

The buyer receives everything: all content (purchased from a turnkey content provider), domain name, promotional text and graphic in HTML format I made for bulletins, etc.

Upon confirmed payment:
Step 1: Domain name will be transfered to buyer.
Step 2: Back-up files generated by CPanel will be ZIP'ed along with all other related files. An unique URL will be provided for ZIP file download.

Buy It Now: $495
Availability: 1 (first to confirm)

This is an outstanding startup environment to grow from. In the hands of someone who knows what he/she is doing, this web site will grow much faster. Please ask me should you have any questions.

NOTE: I will not provide support for this web site as I do not have coding skills.