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    Reliable Data Host

    Hello everyone.

    I'm looking for a host that I can store data on which is reliable.
    I've found with most hosts they don't seem to offer much in the way off backups, or at least don't offer much information when I browse their pages.

    What I'm looking for is a host where I can store critical data offsite and know that one hard disk crash won't be the end off it.
    This would then require a raid based package and preferably with the daily backups. Actually almost any sort off backup would do that I could feel confident in..

    I'm also wanting storage over bandwidth. That is I will be storing files NOT for public download, its bassically a offsite FTP site which is almost purely for company data backups. I would also require the ability to provide multiple FTP accounts etc
    We have onsite backups, but what if the building burns down right?

    I also don't want a lesson on how I shouldn't rely on hosts for my data integrity. As I'm not totally rellying on them, this is just insurance for my own data insurance

    Thanks alot!

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    I meant to post in request forum!!

    my mistake, And I don't see a delete

    Once again sorry for posting in wrong forum

    Hamish Borthen

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